Klammer Klammer open MSG and Winmail.dat files on a Mac

Frequently Answered Questions

Q: I still receive Winmail.dat files in the Mail application and I have to open them every time with Klammer. Can't it just integrate with Mail directly?
A: Theoretically it is possible, but for the moment Apple have not provided official programming interface that allows us to do that. If and when they create such API we will make use of it!

Q: I saved a file as EML but I see some additional attachments that were not there before?
A: Sometimes MSG / Winmail.dat encoded emails may contain additional hidden attachments, used only for the display of the content. When encoded in EML format those attachments may be displayed by Mail or other applications.

Q: I tried to open a file and it crashed or did not display properly. What can I do?
A: If the file does not contain any private, protected or in any way sensitive information, please send it to support@kupon-bg.com so we can examine it!

Q: Do you support emails with Korean / Japanese / Hebrew / other character encoding?
A: Yes, we do and the list of supported encodings keeps growing! If, however, you have an file, that does not display properly, please send it over to support@kupon-bg.com so we can examine it!

Q: How do I set Klammer as the default application for opening .msg / winmail.dat files?
A: Follow these steps:

  1. Right click on a .msg (or winmail.dat) file
  2. Choose "Get Info"
  3. From the field "Open with" choose "Klammer"
  4. Click the "Change All..." button
  5. Close the "info" screen
  6. You can now open .msg / winmail.dat file directly by clicking on the file

Q: The application does not support printing?
A: Yes, it does not support printing for the moment. We will most likely add such feature in future versions. For the moment there is a very simple workaround - export the file to EML and open it with the Mail applicaiton. You will have an option to print it from there.