Klammer open EML, MSG, OFT and Winmail.dat files on iOS devices

Frequently Answered Questions

Q: Can I open files from iDisk?
A: Yes, you can. Go to iDisk and select to share the file. Copy the link where it is available. Now start Klammer and use the open from URL feature to download and open the file. The button is located in the top left corner just above the folders/files list

Q: Can I open files from DropBox?
A: Yes, you can. Go to the DropBox application on your iOS device, select the file and touch the "Open in..." button. Select "Klammer" and that's all

Q: I am trying to open a file from the Mail application but it just shows a spinning circle. What to do?
A: Sometimes the Mail application has problems downloading attachments. Try forwarding the email back to yourself and look in the "Sent Items" folder. The attachment should be there and probably you will be able to open it

Q: I am trying to open an attachment I received over email but when I open it all I see is some random symbols. What's wrong?
A: Probably you are looking at the Quick Preview of the file. Try using the "Open in..." button at the top right or just follow the instructions

Q: I purchased the application but it turned out I have to pay extra for an In-App purchase to be able to open MSG and OFT files?
A: Yes, that's what the application description says - you have to purchase an additional unlock to be able to open MSG and OFT files. We understand some people may feel they are mislead, for which we deeply apologize. However we have very good reasons to deliver the functionality this way. First and most important this way users, that just need to open EML and Winmail.dat files, can do that without paying for extra features. And second - this way the MSG and OFT support is protected from unathorized distribution and illegal copying.

Q: I have opened an EML / MSG / OFT / Winmail.dat file in the application and it contains an image. How can I import that image in my Photos library?
A: No, you cannot do that directly at the moment. However you can forward the email to yourself. When you receive it on the device it will display the attachments and you will be able to open and save the image

Q: I am trying to open a file in the application but it doesn't display correctly or crashes. What can I do?
A: Contact us at support@kupon-bg.com or using the form below and if it is possible - send over the file you are trying to open so we can examine it

Q: Will I be able to view my Chinese / Korean / Hebrew encoded emails?
A: We are constantly expanding the list of supported character sets and encodings. You can view the latest list here: Supported Character Encodings

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