Klammer open EML, MSG, OFT and Winmail.dat files on iOS devices

Supported Character Encodings

The list of supported character encodings is quite long already but that has not stopped us from adding more and more to it.

If you need support for some specific encoding, which does not appear on this list - don't hesitate to drop us a word.

  Winmail.dat MSG/OFT EML
CP 874 (Thai)YesYesYes
CP 932 (Japanese)YesYesYes
CP 936 (Simplified Chinese)YesYesYes
CP 949 (Korean)YesYes 
CP 950 (Traditional Chinese)YesYesYes
CP 1200 (UTF16 LE)YesYes 
CP 1201 (UTF16 BE)YesYes 
CP 1251 (Cyrillic)YesYesYes
CP 1252 (Western)YesYesYes
CP 1253 (Greek)YesYesYes
CP 1254 (Turkish)YesYesYes
CP 1255 (Hebrew)YesYesYes
CP 1256 (Arabic)YesYesYes
CP 1257 (Baltic Languages)YesYesYes
CP 1258 (Vietnamese)YesYesYes
CP 1361 (Korean Johab)YesYes 
CP 20127 (US ASCII)YesYes 
CP 20866 (KOI8 R, Russian, Cyrillic)YesYesYes
CP 20936 (Simplified Chinese GB2312-80)YesYesYes
CP 20949 (Korean Wansung)YesYes 
CP 21866 (KOI8 U, Ukranian, Cyrillic)YesYesYes
CP 28591 (Western European)YesYesYes
CP 28592 (Western and Central European)YesYesYes
CP 28593 (Turkish, Matlese, Esperanto)YesYes 
CP 28594 (Baltic)YesYesYes
CP 28595 (Cyrillic)YesYesYes
CP 28596 (Arabic)YesYesYes
CP 28597 (Greek)YesYesYes
CP 28598 (Hebrew)YesYesYes
CP 28599 (Turkish)YesYesYes
CP 28605 (Western European)YesYes 
CP 50220 (Japanese with no halfwidth Katakana)YesYesYes
CP 50221 (Japanese with halfwidth Katakana)YesYes 
CP 50222 (Japanese JIS X 0201-1989)YesYesYes
CP 50225 (Korean)YesYesYes
CP 51932 (EUC Japanese)YesYesYes
CP 51936 (EBCDIC Simplified Chinese)YesYes 
CP 51949 (EUC Korean)YesYesYes
CP 65000 (Unicode UTF7)YesYes 
CP 65001 (Unicode UTF8)YesYesYes
CP 42 (Symbol)Coming soon
CP 437 (Original IBM)Coming soon
CP 850 (Multilingual Latin 1)Coming soon
CP 38598 (Hebrew ISO-Logical)Coming soon

Klammer also supports some additional encodings for EML files, which are common for the Apple envoronment, such as Mac Central European (CP 10000), Mac Korean (CP 10003) and Mac Cyrillic (CP 10007). More will be added in time.

Sometimes Rich Text Formatted emails contain text in multiple encodings. This is supported for EML files and will be supported for Winmail.dat and MSG files with the next version.

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